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Technical Information


The active ingredient in the ZeoFresh product line is zeolite. There are many zeolite products on the market, but all zeolites are not the same!

Natural zeolites are formed from the alteration of volcanic ash.Their physical structure is arranged in an interconnecting lattice structure. This lattice structure is arranged to form a honeycomb framework of consistent diameter interconnecting channels.

The diameter of these open channels is what differentiates each species of natural zeolites and is what gives rise to their unique properties. Cycletrol's zeolites adhere to strict specifications that optimize their performance for the required usage. Within the open channels are positively-charged ions (cations) attached and held by the structure's negative charge. Natural zeolite can perform the following functions which in turn give rise to a multitude of end uses.

Ion Exchange
The ability to exchange internal cations for other cations on a basis of ion selectivity determined by ion and channel diameter.

Water Adsorption/Desorption
The ability to reversibly adsorb/desorb water without chemical or physical change in the zeolite structure.

Gas Adsorption
The abiltiy to selectively adsorb specific gas molecules without any effect upon the zeolite structure.The material can encompass and control many times its weight in odors or moisture, and then can be recharged by exposure to sunlight, whereupon it releases its "captives" and is ready for further duty!
This ability to recharge, coupled with the non-toxic, non-chemical formulation, makes Cycletrol's zeolites some of the most environmentally friendly products on earth!

Mildew Control
Mildew is an organism that thrives in areas of excess moisture, and leaves a stale, undesireable odor. ZeoFresh products remove the moisture, and the mildew dissappears!





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