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The Zeo-Fresh Product Line

Zeo-Fresh is Cycletrol's general family of all natural products, formulated to attract and eliminate odors, moisture, and mildew. ZeoFresh products can be used anywhere to solve environmental moisture and odor problems, and is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Zeo-Fresh Odor Control is comprised of several packaging alternatives of our flagship product. This is a zeolite based adsorbant, with literally hundreds of possible uses. For specific applications, please see our Problems/Solutions page.

Zeo-Fresh Odor Control will last for years, depending on use, and can be recharged by the sun. Click here for product data sheet.

#101 Odor Control 4 oz. Pouch - 4/poly bag
Convenient size for odor and moisture control in small areas.

#104 Odor Control 1 lb. Heavy Mesh Pouch
Medium size pouches fit under or behind appliances, furniture, etc.

#105 Odor Control 2 lb. Heavy Mesh Pouch

Maximum odor control for industrial applications.

#106 Odor Control 14 oz. Tyvek® Pouch - 4/bag
Controls materials while allowing flow through of gases.

#107 Refrigerator Packet - 14oz
Use in refrigerator and freezer to save energy, control odor, and retain freshness. Your fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other food will last longer and taste better. Reduces or eliminates cross-odor contamination where items in the freezer take on odors from the refrigerator compartment. Click here for product data sheet.
#108 Litter Freshener - 32oz
A remarkable additive for pet litter. This odorless granular material absorbs gasses and ammonias, prolonging the life and increasing the effectiveness of all animal litters. Totally non-toxic to pets. Click here for product data sheet.
#109 Carpet Deodorizer - 32oz
Sprinkle the granules onto troublesome odor areas of carpeting. Odors and bacterial gasses will be eliminated after material is vacuumed up! Click here for product data sheet.
#110 Shoe Paks in Carton - 4 oz Tyvek®/2 pak
Place one in each shoe overnight, and odors will vanish. Moisture is also absorbed to help prevent premature wear of your shoes and boots. Click here for product data sheet.
#111 Clothes Freshener - 14 oz Tyvek® pouch
One or more paks in your suitcase prevents odor transfer between clothes and other items. At home, one pak in a drawer or closet controls odor and moisture.
#113 Shoe & Foot Powder - 8 oz Squeeze Bottle
Odorless powder absorbs the perspiration on your feet and odor from your shoes, keeping you feeling and smelling fresh. Soothes tired feet. Click here for product data sheet.

#203 BOC 5 gallon
Spray this amazing liquid on and around trouble areas to control and eliminate odors quickly and naturally.
Click here for product data sheet.

#204 BOC 32 oz. with sprayer
The perfect size for hotel , motel, and restaurant maintenence carts, and well as other industrial and janitorial applications.

#205 BOC 1 gallon

#207 BOC 2 oz. spray bottle
Handy size for keeping in various areas such as desk drawers, glove compartments, purses.

#208 BOC 16 oz. spray bottle
Slim bottle fits in tight storage areas.

#305 Auto, Boat, and RV Mesh Pouch
Used alone or in conjunction with the combo pack above, these heavy duty mesh pouches provide continual odor and moisture absorption for heavy duty uses.

#316 Spill Clean-Up Kit
Provides the protection needed to respond to a biohazard spill for blood pathogens and other fluids. Includes protective gear and clean-up materials.
Click here for product data sheet.

#317-A Spill Clean-Up Mini-Kit
Provides the minimum protection needed to respond to a biohazard spill for blood pathogens and other fluids.
Click here for product data sheet.

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