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Cycletrol was founded in 1996 and is now the premier manufacturer of ecologically safe, industrial strength, odor, moisture, and mildew control products, for both home and commercial applications. Not to be confused with deodorant perfumes that mask odors, Cycletrol products provide odor, moisture, and mildew elimination, through its zeolite based, and other non-toxic products. These materials have the unique ability to attract, and trap, odors and moisture.

In addition, Cycletrol manufactures products for the food storage industry, the pet industry, grocery industry, hotel industry, health industry and much more. We also custom produce and/or private label for several prominent companies.

Omni-Zorb is Cycletrol's retail product line of fragrance free, perfume free, chemical free, all-natural, non-toxic odor and mold eliminators.

Omni-Zorb products are perfect for individuals with MCS: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, who cannot tolerate products which contains perfumes, chemicals, and other masking agents.

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Our refrigerator packet is picking up steam and a lot of support. It reduces the amount of electricity used by refrigerators from 7-15%, while keeping fruits & vegetables fresher, longer. So now there are two easy ways to save elctricity: You can drastically cut your home's power bill by using fridge-packs and fluorescent lightbulbs.

Fridge Packs are available through many of our deealers. Online they are available at Omni-Zorb.com.

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